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Body Scrub

Body Scrub

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HoneyMist  Whipped / Foaming Sugar Scrub has a mild exfoliating affect on face and body.  It generates nice lather, gently takes away the dead skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth due to richness in butter & Oils.

Although there is a preservative in the product, still we recommend to remove extra water from the jar if any, keep the lid intact after every use to prolong it's life.


. Foaming Bath Butterbase

. Avocado Oil

. Pure Cane Sugar

. Plant Based Preservative

. Fragrance

. Mica

How to Use

. Simply take desired amount of scrub using a wooden scoop.

. Gently massage & scrubb over wet skin to create a foamy scrubby leather.

. Rinse with water and enjoy a freshly polished skin.


. Check the ingredients and allergens before using the product.

. Apply the scrub on small patch of your skin first, if any reaction occurs, wash your skin thoroughly and stop using it.

. Avoid contact with eyes while using the soap. If it happens, rinse with cold water. If irritation continues, contact your doctor.

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