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Sleep Aid Balm

Sleep Aid Balm

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Having trouble in falling sleep when you hit the bed?

HoneyMist Sleep Aid Balm is made with a blend of various premium Essential and Organic oils that relax the nerves and bring calmness which lead to an early deep sleep. These oils are safe and don't have any known side effects unless you have allergy to specific essential or organic oil. Please refer to ingredients list for details before using it.

Each pack of HoneyMist Sleep Aid Balm is approx 30 g. 


. Coconut Oil

. Mango Butter

. Bee Wax

. Grapeseed Oil

. Essential Oils

How to Use

. Apply and massage gently a small quantity of balm on your temples, foreheard, back of ears, back of neck and wrists

. After application close your eyes and let the balm do its magic.


. Check the ingredients and allergens before using the product.

. Apply the balm on small patch of your wrist first, if any reaction occurs, wash your skin thoroughly and stop using it.

. Avoid contact with eyes while using the balm. If it happens, rinse with cold water. If irritation continues, contact your doctor.

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