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Hemp Aloe Facial Soap

Hemp Aloe Facial Soap

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 Honeymist Hemp Aloe facial soap is made with organic Hempseed oil which has healing properties. It helps in reducing inflammation. This soap works best on extra dry, sensitive and Eczema affected skin.

Each bar is approx 4 Oz.


. Olive Oil

. Jojoba Oil

. Palm Oil

. Coconut Oil

. Sodium Hydroxide

. Distilled Water

. Sodium Lactate

. Hemp seed Oil

. Kaolin Clay

. Essential Oil

. Aloe Concentrate

. Aloevera Juice

. Essential Oils

How to Use

. Rub the soap bar in your wet hands to build up the lather.

. Scrub yourself gently and rinse.


. Check the ingredients and allergens before using the soap.

. Apply the soap on small patch of your skin first, if any reaction occurs, wash your skin thoroughly and stop using it.

. Avoid contact with eyes while using the soap. If it happens, rinse with cold water. If irritation continues, contact your doctor.

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