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Aroma Wax Sachet

Aroma Wax Sachet

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 Introducing our Aroma Wax Sachet, a delightful fusion of fragrance and style that effortlessly elevates any space. Each sachet is infused with a carefully curated blend of scented wax, releasing a symphony of enchanting aromas when placed in your favorite drawers, closets, or small spaces. The exquisite fragrance slowly emanates, creating a welcoming and refreshing ambiance throughout your home. The compact and stylish design makes it a versatile accessory, allowing you to infuse your personal spaces with a touch of luxury and charm. Immerse yourself in the subtle allure of our Aroma Wax Sachet, where every whiff is an invitation to indulge in the simple yet sophisticated pleasures of a beautifully scented environment.HoneyMist Wax Sachet are made with 100% Soy wax and natural fragrance oils. 

Each Sachet is approx 30 g.


. Soy Wax

. Fragrance Oils

How to Use

. Just hang the Sachet at desireable place


. Keep the Sachet away from Children and Pets.

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