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Aroma Therapy Inhalers

Aroma Therapy Inhalers

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Embark on a sensory journey with our Handmade Aromatherapy Inhalers – portable companions designed to uplift your spirits and enhance your well-being wherever life takes you. Crafted with care, these inhalers are infused with a curated blend of pure essential oils, each thoughtfully selected for its unique aromatherapeutic benefits. Inhale tranquility, exhale stress as you breathe in the calming scents that promote relaxation and mindfulness. Perfect for on-the-go moments, our handmade inhalers are a pocket-sized oasis of aromatherapy, offering a refreshing burst of natural fragrance to inspire focus, calm, or rejuvenation. Elevate your daily routine with the power of scent and experience the harmonious balance of wellness and convenience with our Handmade Aromatherapy Inhalers.


. Essential Oil Blends

How to Use

. Open the Inhaler Cap and inhale deeply through nostrils for a 3-5 second count.

. Repeat the dose as needed.


. Check the ingredients and allergens before using the product.

. Inhale a very small quantity to see body's reaction. If any reaction occurs, immediately stop using. Contact your doctor if reaction worsens.

. Avoid contact with eyes while using the Inhaler. If it happens, rinse with cold water. If irritation continues, contact your doctor.

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